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Midst Of The Flames
Fan Works

Fan Works

Jonda Fanatics

This section is for fanart, wallpaper, avaters, banners, and fanfiction. If you want to submit something, e-mail me at -Just include the fanart or fanpic in the e-mail, and provide a link for fanfiction. Tankys ^^
I have decided that all wallpapers and fanart will be located somewhere else...its just taking up too much room! Heres the link, and you will still be credited:



These wallpapers and more located here:




Avatars And Banners



Shouting From The Rooftops: The first in a dramatic Jonda trilogy. I haven't managed to completely screw this up yet, so I actually reccomend it to all Jonda fans! Talk about self credit, eh?

Screams In The Darkness: Another one of mine. This fic is basically going downhill, but it has John covered in blood so I guess I'm ok with it!

We're Gonna Be Ok: This is a little Jonda one-shot I wrote where Wanda gets pregnant O.O Its the best I've ever written...I think ^.^

Happily Ever After: Another oneshot by me- "Aren't we supposed to share a deep, passionate, clichéd kiss?"

Heres four stories by untouchable hexing witch on author and reccomended reading for all Jonda fans.
The Things I'd Do For You:
Ministry Of Evil:
My Boyfriend The Bus Driver:
Total Manipulation:

Providing for your every Jonda need ^^

Wanda and John are property of Marvel. I, Scarlet Sapphire, am using them for fun and not profit. If you decide to sue, I have nothing. Except the site, of course.