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Midst Of The Flames
Fan Works


The Crazy Ones Themselves...


Wanda Maximoff: The Scarlet Witch

Name: Wanda Maximoff

Age: 18 (at the end of the series...when she first came into it in HeX Factor, I think she was 16)

Codename: Scarlet Witch

Mutation: Hex Powers (Basically can make things turn against you in her favor)

Team: Brotherhood

First Episode: Hex Factor

Birth Place: New York

Family: Erik Lensherr (Magneto, father), Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver, twin brother) Magda (mother, human, deceased)

Hair: Before Cut-Black, above shoulders…After Cut-Mushroomish black, scarlet under the black cut

Eyes: Sapphire


Quotes: -Monsters don't have feelings. And you're just like him. You always were. (said to Pietro about their father, Magneto) -You haven't seen me angry, until now!


Wanda’s past is very depressing…her mother died and her father committed her to a mental institution when she was just a little girl. It is presumed that her powers when haywire when she was angry, causing destruction and putting her family in danger. She didn’t completely understand what was going with her, as she was just a child. Her father never took the time to explain.


Years later, Mystique freed her from the institution to be a ‘weapon’ to her. Wanda gained better control of her powers with the help of Agatha Harkness, as a favor to Mystique. With great control over her extremely dangerous powers, she goes on the hunt for her father to exact her revenge.


Mystique takes Wanda to the Brotherhood house, where she is reunited with her brother, Pietro. After trying to kill him, they have a little talk but Wanda still has great anger and extreme hatred for her father and him. She decides to stay at the boarding house temporarily, as she searches for her father.


Fearing his daughter’s strong need of vengeance, Magneto uses Mastermind to change, rewrite Wanda’s memories so she thinks she had a happy childhood with her father and brother. No longer remembering about being committed to the institution and the hatred for her father and brother, she decided to stay at the Brotherhood and join the team.


(Taken from Liz's previous site which is no longer up, Scarlet Vengeance)


St. John Allerdyce: Pyro

Name: St. John Allerdyce

Age: 19 (?)

Codename: Pyro

Mutation: Fire control, but he can't generate the flame

Team: Acolytes...Brotherhood at the end of Acsension II

First Episode: Day Of Reckoning I

Birth Place: Australia

Family: None known

Hair: Somehow, Pyro got his hair to look like fire...Its dark orange on light orange and I think he probably spikes it up...

Eyes: Blue


Quotes:  -Ya gotta luv it! -I never get tired of this part! -Watch it, mate. You're wrinkling the uniform. -I'm real glad you dropped by...'cuz I've been bored outta my skull! -Since Magneto's gone, Colossus bailed and went back to Russia, Sabertooth's out playing with a big ball of yard somewhere, and Gambit didn't leave a note on the fridge. -Ok! Take care! So long! Don't get all weepy on me. Lets no drag this out or anything! -I know just how to turn the frown upside down.
Not much is known about our little flame addict, except that he is, of course, addicted to fire. He comes off as INSANE, but he doesn't have much character development. Which sucks. He's part of the Acolytes, and probably the youngest one. He was the only one left in Cajun Spice...watching a tape of Magneto's death over and over and over and over again. As we see in Acsension II, he ends up with the BoM...and we all know why! ^.~
But, anyway, Johnny boy can't generate fire, so he always has to have a flame source with him. Like a lighter, or a flamethrower. His uniform has a flamethrower on his back, and the fire comes out little tubs on his arms. But Wolvie cut it off in Cajun Spice...Which sucks as well.
Overall, John's a pretty fun guy to be around. In the Comics, Lance was his best mate, but Evolution is an entirely different story. Pyro's creative, friendly, and gets bored too easily (I think we ALL can relate to that). I dunno, he seems to be everyone's favorite character. Fun to play around with in fanfics.

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