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Fan Works

Pietro Maximoff


Name: Pietro Maximoff
Age: 18 (at the end of the series…when he first came into the show I think he was around 15)
Codename: Quicksilver
Mutation: Super speed
Team: Brotherhood and Acolytes
First Episode: Speed and Spyke
Birth Place: New York
Family: Erik Lensherr (Magneto, father), Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch, twin sister) Magda (mother, human, deceased)
Hair: Silver, and gelled back…Ok, there is no way to explain his hair, its just so sexy!
Eyes: Sapphire
Bio: Pietro is a fast-talking punk with a bad attitude. As Quicksilver, he wears a sleek, streamlined suit that mirrors his lightning speed. Although in his teens, Pietro has great control of his powers.
Quicksilver was acting as leader of the Brotherhood, under his father's order and against the will of the other Brotherhood members. With Magneto's apparent "death", leadership is currently unclear.
Pietro was always extremely loyal to his father, to the point of betraying his teammates and even his own sister. But it seems this loyalty was based on fear alone, with his father out of the way Pietro doesn't seem too disturbed with the loss and is actually quite happy being out from under his thumb.
(above taken from Beyond Evolution, find link in the links section)



Name: X23
Age: 15
Codename: Quicksilver
Mutation: Heightened Senses/Healing Factor/Adamantium Claws
Team: Independent, Formerly Hydra, Possibly X-Men
First Episode: X23
Birth Place: Hydra
Family: None, clone of Wolverine
Hair: Long and brown
Eyes: Green
Bio: Looking to duplicate the success of Weapon X (Wolverine), a group called 'Hydra' conducts experiments to create an ultimate weapon, a perfect soldier. They failed 22 times, but the 23rd attempt was a success. The solution? Logan's healing factor. To duplicate his mutant ability they used Logan's DNA, creating a clone. But during the process, they had to make some changes, creating a 'hormonal instability'. Their training of 'X-23' resulted in emotional instability, and a hatred. They had created the ultimate warrior, but - they can't control her.

Blaming Wolverine for her traumatic childhood, X23 goes renegade and arrives at the mansion to find her revenge, but finds instead her only family in Wolverine. Reluctantly she leaves the X-Men and Wolverine unharmed and goes her own way. Since Hydra continues to hunt down X23 to try and make her once more their living weapon, she's started her own crusade to wipe out their facilities, one by one. With the supposed destruction of the Supreme Hydra, the woman known as Viper, X23 may now be free to live a life of her own choosing.

In addition to her mutant powers and combat training, X23 seems to have a small cache of tiny electronic devices that can temporarily stun people. They are likely a Hydra construct, as they're wired to explode if tampered with. (also taken from Beyond Evolution)

Bitten by the Xietro bunny?